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Bromfield Insurance Agency was founded in 1998 and originally operated in Southern California. From day one, the agency aimed to provide insurance products for small to midsized firms, with a focus on helping firms lower their coverage costs for Professional Liability for Lawyers.

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Bromfield professionals have more than 17 years of experience in this unique insurance niche and pride themselves on delivering comprehensive and customized policy coverage with highly-rated carrier markets.

As Bromfield expanded its lawyers professional liability knowledge, the agency was successful in convincing some of their carrier partners to increase limits and support services without substantial premium increases. Bromfield has access to both admitted and surplus lines insurance companies. One area in which Bromfield has excelled is helping clients to better understand and practice risk management strategies. Being proactive in terms of up-front planning, self-monitoring, and detailed annual reviews with carries, gave Bromfield a reputation of exceptional professional liability insurance guidance and policy structure for its clients.

Bromfield’s pursuit of perfection in all aspects of policyholder services stayed with the company through a headquarter move to Boston suburb, Burlington, Massachusetts in 2014. Over the past two years, Bromfield has expanded its geographic reach from coast to coast. Its top three states for writing business today are California, New York, and Massachusetts. Bromfield Insurance is poised to become your law firm insurance expert partner. Give us a call today, at 781-596-1871.